Day Trading

How to Join the Profession that Makes the Most Millionaires in the World

Its common knowledge that the stock market makes more millionaires than any other profession in the world. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to work for a couple of hours every day and rake in huge amounts of money. The problem was that I had no idea how people learned to day trade and I didn’t have the money to invest if I did learn. I just figured it was a profession for those who grew up with privilege or had money just lying around.

However, a few months ago I saw an ad that claimed that you could learn how to day trade and then once you learned you would be able to day trade THEIR money. Up to $100,000 of their money! You keep 60-80% of the profits you make on their money. I truly thought it was too good to be true, but I wanted to learn more. So the first thing I did was watch their webinar. It described their program and even shared how they used proprietary indicators to win their trades. I was pretty impressed. Obviously, they charge a tuition to learn (which was way less than a single semester of college), but once you graduate from their 9-12 week program you are guaranteed to receive a corporate-funded account. Meaning that you trade their money and you don’t have to pay them back if you lose their money. It takes all the risk out of trading.

I found out that they let you test drive their program for a full month for almost nothing (It cost $61). This gets access to their training videos, proprietary indicators, and their live webinars where they place trades in demo accounts. During the webinars, you get to see how they do it and ask questions. I was sold…

So my husband and I  went into their large corporate office in the Silicon Slopes of  Utah (where all the big tech companies are building offices). We wanted to go to their office to make sure it was real. I spoke to some of the nicest people ever and they helped us get set up with their Trader Lite program. I asked them how women do with the program and they told me that they actually do better than the men! Apparently, women follow the trading rules better. I thought that was pretty funny.

They put everything on my computer for us. I was told that they would have set it up for us remotely if we didn’t come in person, which is what they normally do. Their students live all over the country. They set up a demo account where we could place trades with paper money so we could practice and learn without losing real money. They also set up their amazing indicators on our laptop. It was a great experience.

I then started watching their training videos that explained how the indicators worked. I was amazed at how big of an advantage these indicators give. One of my favorite indicators is able to show you what the million dollar or more traders are currently doing and what the small traders are currently doing. They call this the Major/Minor indicator. The idea is that you follow the major traders who are very good at making money off of the small traders. It was really easy to see why they are so confident that they can teach you how to be profitable, and why they would be willing to fund your account.

I started watching the live webinars and learned so much so fast. It was fun! These guys are winning 90% of their trades and are willing to show you live that they know what they are doing. They have lots of their coaches do the webinars so you get to see a lot of different personalities being successful using this system. It’s fun to take the trade with them and watch the trade play out over the next few hours. Actually many students make thousands of dollars just placing the trades that are placed during these webinars.

The truth is I was hooked. Everything they advertised was true. I tested it for the first full month. I went to live trainings available to the locals and spoke to all the other students that went to these live events. Everyone was happy with it. The Google reviews are full of happy people. We chose to take their executive program. This is the program that allows us to get a $100,000 funded account and get paid 80% of the profit. My husband and I are taking it together at the same price as if it were just me. This gets us 12 weeks with one amazing coach and 2 full days at their corporate office with a different coach. Our main coach meets with us twice a week and screen shares. He answers our questions and then teaches us new concepts. His main goal is to make us professional day traders and to be profitable knowing that we will be trading their money.

The amazing part is that it is working. I started with a $2500 demo account and in a week grew it to $3500. Just think how much money could be made on a $100,000 account! I only trade at most for 2 hours a day. I am free to be with my kids all day and have finally found something that is exciting, no boss, no employees, no fixed hours, no inventory, and can make me full-time money. I LOVE THIS!!

Check out the webinar that explains everything in detail HERE.

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