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How I Make Great Money Every Day In Under 2 Hours

So I’ve been at this “Find a Way to Stay Home and Make Ooooodles of Money” thing for awhile… almost a decade. I’ve failed at ALL sorts of ways to make money from home. I tried a product business, several MLMs, Amazon FBA, an online grocery store, retail arbitrage, online surveys, building a marketing agency, building sales funnels, online research, real estate, the list goes on.

The thing is, if you get everything right, any of these CAN work. If you have the right personality, the right tech skills, the right connections, the right sales ability, etc. But none of them worked for me. To be honest, I was pretty devastated when they each fell. I’m not a victim, so I take responsibility for my failures. I know now that if I had done this or that, some of those failures could have been successes, but that is all in retrospect. Anyone out there feel me?

So what makes me good money every  day in under 2 hours now? I guess it was serendipity or an act of God (probably the latter. I don’t believe in coincidences) but we just happen to move to a place that gave us access to something I’d never heard of.

Have you ever heard of Forex?  Well, it rocks my socks. Seriously.

Forex is short for Foreign Exchange. Basically, it’s the WORLD-WIDE stock market for exchanging currencies. Say you took a trip to Europe…*Awesome*. Now, before you can go buy all the pastries you’ve been dreaming of, you’ve got to take those ‘merican dollars and exchange them for Euros, the currency they use in Europe. When you do that, you’ll notice that it’s not an even trade. As of this post, the US Dollar is worth slightly less than a Euro. So you might get .95 Euros for every 1 US Dollar. That is the exchange rate. And it’s always fluctuating. So if I sell on the Euro/USD market and then the US Dollar goes up in value, I just made money. Pretty cool, right?

So, two problems… 1. How do you learn how to trade? and 2. Where do you get the money to start trading?

Solved and solved.

  1. How do you learn how to trade?

You could buy a bunch of books on how to trade and learn the hard way. Not recommended.

Remember when I said that I moved and this sorta just fell out of the sky into my lap (ok, I didn’t say it like that, but you know…). I moved about 3 streets away from a day trading school. Pretty crazy!

But they are not special because they teach day trading.

They are special because they have this program that basically predicts what the market is going to do. It’s sort of like a language; you have to be able to read it. So this school, they give you access to this software that shows you way more that’s going on in the market than what the average trader knows. They call this software “indicators.” You get things like the pressure of the market, what the major and minor traders are doing, leading indicators which help you see the quick changes in the market, and a lot more! They all work together to help you decipher what the market is telling you it’s going to do.

On top of that, you get a personal coach. This is not like those programs where you pay heaps of money and get a bunch of videos to watch. You get 9-12 weeks of bi-weekly coaching sessions with a real-live person! They go through everything with you. You get to ask questions because it’s 1-1.

Plus, you get weekly webinars showing you the trades they are making, how they make them, and why they make them. They show all the students (they answer questions here too) their methods for deciding whether a trade is good or bad. And they post their numbers, so you know their track record. If all you did was place the trades that they place and not even think about other trades, you’d make a pretty side hustle right there.

You can access the webinar to get started here.

2.  Where do you get the money to start trading?

Normally, when you’re day trading you have to fund your own account. But since regular folk like me and (maybe) you don’t have tens of thousands of dollars sitting around, this could be a problem. This is the biggest reason I decided to sign up… Get this! After you go through the program, the school will fund your account Up To $100,000! You trade with their money! if you lose it you don’t have to pay it back. If you win with it, you get to keep 60-80%!

So just for funsies let’s do a little math. Let’s say you go through the 12-week program and they fund you the minimum of $2,500 to start (this is the proving ground). They recommend that you only trade 1% of your account per trade. So if you won 1% of your account each day, trading 5 days a week, you’d make about $12,489 of profit in 36 weeks or about 9 months. Dang! You get to keep 80% of that, which is $9,991. That’s over $1000/month!

But that’s not where it ends. All you have to do is NOT LOSE the initial $2,500, and in 3 months they’ll put MORE in your account. And then 3 months later they’ll put even more in your account! Up to $100,000. Between 12 and 18 months since your start, you can get fully funded.

For even more funsies, let’s look at what you’d make with a fully funded account. Same scenario, different numbers. You have $100,000 in your account and you make 1% daily. In that same 36 weeks, you’d make $499,580. *I’ll wait while you pick your jaw up off the floor* Again, you’d make 80% which is $399,664. Not too shabby for less than a year of trading.

That’s the power of compound interest, baby!

These numbers are based on math I mathed on

Obviously, you’re going to lose some of the time. These numbers aren’t meant to be a roadmap of what you WILL do. You have to take the course and really learn your stuff, you have to listen and grow as a trader. But these numbers are possible and there are people making $200, $400, $1000 dollars or more a day…

But maybe jumping in head first isn’t your style. You’re a smart lady, after all. Perfect. You can test drive the program for cheapity-cheap. You get all the live webinars plus a ton of videos to learn from for a month to see if day trading is something you enjoy and want to do. It’s called the Lite Program. I highly recommend it.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from about this company, it is that they are in this for the long haul with you. They want you to succeed, after all, you’re trading THEIR money!

I’ve joined my fair share of online programs. I’ve spent over $14,000 (ain’t no shame). And what I saw was that once you paid them, they weren’t interested in helping you anymore. This is not the case with this school. They have held my hand every step of the way and offered additional help when I needed it.

So if you’re interested in a side hustle that can change your life, check out the lite program here.

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