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Why the Poor Stay Poor and the Rich Get Richer

Money Mindset

This weekend I went to a seminar called Money Mindset.

There were three presenters. One was the owner of the day trading company that I have fallen in love with and the other two were coaches that work with some very successful people. I wasn’t really sure what to expect at this seminar. It was located at a fancy hotel in beautiful Midway, Utah. People from all over came to learn more about how to achieve greater financial success by understanding money in a different way.

We started the meeting by sharing lots of beliefs that the group had about money.

A few of the beliefs were:

“Money is hard to keep”

“Money is the root of all evil”

“Money is a tool”

“You have to trade time for money”

“Money is the most important thing in this world”

“I’m not worthy to make money”

and the one that hit me hardest “The poor stay poor and the rich get richer”.

I’ve always felt this last one deep inside.

Rich Kids

I’ve met so many rich kids in my life. Kids that grew up rich, didn’t have to work a day in their life and literally were given everything they ever wanted. Then when it came time to get a job they used their parent’s influence to get put in the perfect situation to make their own riches. This drove me insane.

I actually met a rich kid the other day, well he wasn’t a kid anymore but he still acted like one. His dad was a wealthy real estate investor. The kid was bragging about how much money he had and I asked him how he got his start. He told me that his dad found him a sweet real estate deal and loaned him the money to buy it and flip it. His dad did everything and he got to keep the profit. Apparently, his dad kept on doing this until the kid had enough money to invest in whatever his dad told him to invest in. Deep inside I felt like this was so unfair.

How I’m Breaking the Chain

As a kid, I noticed how wealthy people always talked about the stock market. It was simply a part of their life. My parents didn’t know anything about stocks. I’d ask them questions and they said they didn’t have the money to invest in it and even if they did they wouldn’t even know where to start. See, their parents were poor and so were their parents and their parents and their parents… Can you see why it was easy for me to believe that the rich stay poor and the rich get richer?

But I’m going to be the chain breaker. I’m going to be rich, but the type of rich you can actually be proud of. The type of rich that the American dream speaks about. The type of rich where you actually had to make a decision to not be poor and to do everything it takes to put yourself into the 1%. That’s the story that I am writing and living and it all is happening because I found out how to use the stock market just like the rich people do.

Luckily I found an ad that led me to a webinar that talked about how to learn to day trade someone else’s money. It was a moment of zen. I realized I could be coached how to day trade by a coach that wins 90+ percent of his trades and be given money to trade. Up to $100,000 of someone else’s money that I could leverage to accumulate my own wealth. I get to keep 80% of my profits. The best part is that I can trade their money and then take my 80% profits and invest it right back into a personal day trading account. Then I’m able to keep 100% of the profit that I made trading their money. It’s insane!

So as I sat in this money mindset seminar I realized that beliefs can change. I realized that I truly believed that the poor could get rich. You just have to put yourself into a rich person’s shoes and do what they do. Pretty simple…

This is the link that will let you learn more and get started for $10.

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