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This Kind of School is Better than College (and Cheaper!)

Learning is such a wonderful thing. It’s amazing to learn how to do something you never dreamed of doing and learning to do it really well.

The thing is we all learn differently.

How College Went For Me


My college experience helped me really understand how I learn, or more specifically, how I don’t learn.

In college, I would sit in a giant classroom and hear what my professor was teaching. But that was about all I did. Hear. I never really learned because my mind just does not process things well when I’m not able to be engaged in the learning process. I don’t know how many thousands of dollars I wasted sitting in a classroom hearing but not learning.

I have never really used my degree. After college, I got a job in sales which didn’t require a degree. All my jobs after that were either from that opportunity or connections I had.

Back to School, But Better

When I contemplated the idea of going “back to school” to learn day trading I was really worried that it would be the same type of experience.

Luckily I was able to try out the school before I invested any real money into the education. For $10 I got access to a big portion of the training that I would be receiving. You can go here to sign up for the webinar to learn more.

I had someone I could call and ask questions who guided me in the beginning stages. He was super helpful. I had access to loads of videos going into detail about how the indicators worked.

I also had access to live webinars where I could ask questions. These webinars are incredible. They place live trades right in front of us and explain detail by detail how they came to their buying or selling conclusion. These webinar hosts are so understanding and make you feel comfortable asking questions. They never make you feel bad for asking a “dumb” question. The webinar hosts are coaches that work through a rotation of doing the webinar so you get to hear from so many different personalities that each have their own way of being successful in the market. Click here to sign up for the webinar that shows how easy it is.

They also help you set up a dummy trading account called a paper money account or a demo account. When you watch the live webinars (yes, every one of them is truly live) you can take the trades the webinar host is taking in your demo (paper money) account and you get to watch them play out. This is one of my favorite parts. You get to be part of the action, and you really learn from it!

So after a month of test driving the program and actually seeing that I was making progress and learning, I decided that it was a no-brainer to invest in the coaching program that leads to a corporate-funded account.

(Yep, they GIVE you money in your account once you’re finished with the trading. You have seed money to start trading with, and you never have to risk your own cash!)

They placed me with a coach that fit the style of trading that I was enjoying the most. I meet with my coach twice a week via screen sharing. He has lessons that he teaches that everyone hears, but I am able to ask questions the whole time he is teaching. THIS IS THE WAY I LEARN BEST! It’s so helpful to be able to ask direct questions and get a direct answer. Sometimes our lessons are me just asking questions the whole time. During the week things come up while I’m trading in my demo account and I just want to get those questions answered. I feel like my coach cares about me and really wants me to be successful.

Why Everyone Can Succeed

I think in college my professors didn’t really care if I was successful or not. They weren’t paid to make me successful. I know some professors really care about their students, I’m not trying to say there aren’t any caring teachers out there. But they are not monetarily incentivized to help you succeed…

In this day trading school, upon graduation, they fund an account with THEIR real money that we get to trade. It’s in their very best interest to make sure we learn to trade well. They have a vested interest in our success! That’s the key. They know if we are successful then they will make money. It’s that simple.

Without a doubt, I wish I had gone to this school to learn to day trade rather than to have invested 4 years and sooooo much money in going to college. This education takes 3-4 months to complete and those that follow the rules and the things that are taught become part of the industry that makes more millionaires than any other industry. If anything its at least worth looking in to….

If you want to check it out, it’s easy. Go sign up for this webinar. There’s no obligation and you’ll learn how simple day trading can be with their proven methods.

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