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How To Day Trade Other People’s Money (Anyone Can Do This)

To be a successful day trader you need a lot of money. So you have a lot of money right??

Well, this is something that has always held me back from looking into a career in day trading. I simply didn’t have any money to put into the stock market.

I always figured you have to come from money to make money. I mean you can’t expect to make a living off of putting $500 into the stock market. You need a lot more than that, like $50,000 to $100,000 more than that. Soooooooo…

This trading company that I have found completely understands this conundrum and they have figured out a way to fix it.

They simply let you trade THEIR money.

Of course, they won’t give you any money to trade if they weren’t the ones to educate you and teach you how to keep money safe and how to grow it.

The amazing part is that the tuition to learn how to day trade is less expensive than most colleges charge for a semester, but instead of coming out of college looking for an entry-level job, you graduate in 9-12 weeks with MONEY put into your account.

Then they let you keep 60%-80% of the profits that you make off of THEIR money. The percentage depends on which education program you choose to take. Their 9-week program gets you 60% of the profits and their executive 12-week program gets you 80% of the profits.

Pretty sweet huh?? THEY LET YOU KEEP 80% OF THE PROFIT!

Check them out

They will fund you up to $50,000 after taking the 9-week program, and if you take the 12-week program they will fund you up to $100,000! This is such a big deal. You can now trade as if you were rich… Many day traders aim to make 1% of their account size every day.

So let’s see, what’s 1% of $100,000? That’s a lot more than 1% of $500… Bahaha!

The way they divvy out the money is through a corporate-funded account that they own. You trade within the account that they set up for you with their broker. When you first get funded they give you a smaller amount of money to help you practice with live money.

Once you prove that you are careful with their money then every quarter they add more money. If you grow the account then they give you the money faster. Pretty simple.

The thing I love about this program is that we are on the same team. They want to educate you at a very high level because you will be trading their money. Essentially, they’re invested in you, just like you’re invested in them.

Once you start trading their money they continue to provide support and help you to become the best trader you can be. If you lose their money they don’t get mad at you they just give you more support and you don’t have to pay them back for any losses that you may have.

So long story short, you don’t have to be rich to become a day trader. You can simply let this fantastic company help you get rich by using their money. It’s absolutely a win-win situation and I am thrilled that I am living it and seeing the success from it.

AND like I have said before you can completely try out the program for a full month for something insane like $10. They don’t want you to continue if you don’t like it so they let you test drive it. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by at least trying the program out. I did and couldn’t wait to get started for real!

Seriously worth your time to see how it works

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